What to expect when teaching English as a foreign language for the first time.

So now you have seen the wonders that China can offer, but you may have doubts. You may doubt that you are strong enough to be a teacher, or that you are independent enough to live in China for a year. These worries may occur because you are about to make a huge change in your life. But you’re not alone.

It’s important to know that everybody has had this feeling at first.

Huge changes come with huge emotions.


The first time you step into a classroom, the children will marvel at the wonder that has just entered. My first class resulted in me freezing and completely forgetting my introduction! Once you have survived your first class, it gets so much easier.

You are teaching English to students who wish to learn a second language. Almost all of your students will have all sorts of weird and wonderful questions to ask you in your first or second class with them.

(I once had an 8 year old student ask me “Do cats in England look different from cats in China?”) Your TA will help you massively with anything you feel is difficult to convey, but the fact is, if you haven’t taught before, your classes are going to be extremely basic. Think ‘ Colours, animals, foods, hobbies, family’. Basic sentence construction, ‘ I like, I don’t like’.

You’ll have a text book as a guide with most schools but if not, Express VPN will be your saviour and help you find the most interesting ways of teaching basic content.


For those who already have adequate teaching experience, it is likely that you will teach older students who have higher English language abilities. On this level, you will have a grammar book to assist you with planning your lessons.

Those of you who are looking to teach adults English at business schools or are looking for university positions, please contact us and we will try our best to match you accordingly!