Q: Do i need a bachelors in education ?

A: a bachelors in education is not essential. your bachelors may be in any field to apply for our positions.

Q: is china foreigner friendly?

A: short answer, yes. absolutely. foreigners are treated by locals with care and mysterious wonder in some parts.

Q: are there foreign supermarkets?

A: foreign supermarkets are dotted throughout china. from ole to carrefour. you’ll be sure to find whatever it is you may think you will crave from home. if for some reason these specialist supermarkets don’t supply it, there’s always taobao, china’s own version of amazon/ebay.

Q: how long does the process take from application to arrival?

A: typically the whole process will take around 2-3 months to turn around. once you have been accepted for the position, you must begin to get your documents authenticated and ready to send to the school. once the school has these, they will apply for your foreign experts application. once your application has been accepted, you will get an invitation letter from the school which will then allow you to apply for your z visa. once you arrive in china, your z visa will be transferred to a work permit by the local visa administration.