Jess Pardoe - My TEFL journey so far


Guiyang has now been my home for four months and I am well and truly into the swing of things with teaching English! I was nervous to teach before I started because I had no previous experience; I had volunteered and mentored within a classroom environment but never lead a class by myself.

It felt natural to me within the first two weeks of teaching and I really enjoy working with my students and seeing them improve week by week! Children are so understanding and every day is rewarding in some way or another. I work at various campuses around Guiyang city with students’ ages ranging from 2 to 12 years old, so every single class is unique!

You could say I’ve been making the most of living in China and being in this part of the world. Over the last four months I have been extremely lucky in that I have already visited Chengdu, Vietnam (Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Ha Long Bay) and Hong Kong! Travelling to new places was a big part of my motivation to come out to Guiyang and teach and I am extremely satisfied with how much I have achieved so far. I still have a few places to tick off my list for the rest of the year! Recently I have also been exploring the local area and found some stunning spots such as the Huanguoshu waterfalls (about 2 hours out of the city by bus) and discovered the beauty within the city centre, especially when the blossom was in bloom!

Teaching English in China has taught me so much, not only in terms of working as a teacher but also life lessons, such as: moving abroad; living alone; meeting people from all walks of life; conquering a language barrier! My list could go on and on, but I will leave you with one thought:

if not now, when? If you’re considering taking the leap and moving away to teach, I encourage you to do it. Although it was extremely challenging to adapt to a new culture (and still is some days!)

I can assure you I do not regret making this choice and have embraced every new opportunity. Bring on the next few months of exploring!

Part of the Tribe.

Jess Pardoe